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An Introduction

Featured on this page is an example of the products which we are most frequently asked to supply. As a source and supply specialist, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a specific material or application which you may require, but that you don't see represented on this 'site. Our niche is in finding and supplying the materials which others can't. 


Aluminium in Leisure

When we consider what's needed by the leisure, sports and recreation industry, Aluminium has many of the properties required. It's strong, lightweight, easy to form, can be anodized into hundreds of different hues and has great corrosion protection. For these compelling reasons, it is used extensively across the aforementioned industries. 


Bicycles frames and components | Frames for racquet sports Lacrosse sticks | Ice skate chassis | Fishing reels | RC Car Chassis | Caribiners for climbing | Scuba cylinders

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Nickel in Leisure

As such a specialist material, it isn't too surprising that there are few applications for Nickel in the leisure industry. Nickel as a plating material is older than chrome plating, so some manufacturers still use Nickel plating for a hardwearing coating. Also, it can't be ignored that Nickel is still one of the major components of Lithium-Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt-Oxide batteries, so many goods reliant on recyclable batteries are likely to contain this metal.


Nickel-plated consumer goods | Rechargable Lithium-Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt-Oxide batteries I.e. those used in E-bikes

Steel in Leisure

Steel is easily the most abundantly used material in the Leisure, Sports and Recreation industries. It is relatively inexpensive compared to other materials, is easy to join, form and cold work. Offering high strength, easy formability and, in Stainless form, excellent corrosion resistance, it's not hard to see why. Add into this relative inexpense and it's not difficult to conceive that it will continue to be the market-leading material for some time to come.


Bicycle frames, forks and components | Climbing caribiners, cabling, expansion bolts, axes etc. | Hunting knives | Gun and rifle barrels and components

Fishing reels and hooks | Consumer goods | Ice skate blades | Gym equipment | Scuba cylinders | Golf clubs


Carbon Fibre in Leisure

Carbon Fibre is a dream material for engineers designing goods for the leisure, sports and recreation industries, owing to its myriad useful properties. It is strong, lightweight, stiff, easy to form into almost any shape, will not rust, corrode, or discolour and can be easily repaired if damaged. Even though it has already found itself utilised in countless sporting applications, innovations continue to be found for this remarkable material.


Golf club shafts | Fishing Rods | Bicycle frames, forks and components | Surfboards | Consumer goods | Skis and ski poles | Snowboards | Racquet sports frames | Ice hockey sticks | Rowing hulls and oars | Kayaks and paddles | Crash helmets | Pool cues


Aramids in Leisure

As is often their niche, Aramids are used in the leisure industry to provide protection for users and to reinforce other materials. Being a lightweight, strong and puncture resistant material, as well as imperveous to the elements and easily formed into complex shapes, renders it useful across a broad range of applications in the leisure industry.


Crash Helmets | Sails | Tyres | Boat hulls | Yacht sails | Motorbike gloves and racesuits

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Titanium in Leisure

Equipped with a broad range of characteristics to boast of, Titanium has a good foothold in the leisure industry. With an excellent strength to weight ratio, unrivalled corrosion resistance and extensive range of alloys to choose from, leisure goods made from Titanium are built to last. Certainly, given its stability across extremes of temperature and hard wearing properties also, Titanium finds use in the most extremes of environments.


Bicycle frames and components | Diving knives | Cutlery for camping | Golf club faces | Fishing reels & line | Climbing caribiners & bolts | Consumer goods

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