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As Metallurgy and Engineering can be such inconsistent and variable industries, it was suggested that we include a page for questions which we are frequently asked, If the answer you are looking for does not lie on this page, please contact us.


1. What do we supply?

We specialize in the supply of the metals and composites that are found on this site. Namely: Aluminium, Nickel, Steel, Titanium, Carbon Fibre and Kevlar. These are available in all of the commonly used grades, shapes, and sizes. However that is not the whole story, as we also offer an extensive sourcing service, where we are confident we can find exactly what you are looking for, even if it's not listed here.

2. Where do we ship to and how much does shipping cost?

We deliver internationally and in the most common shipping terms, with the exception of EXW. Shipping costs are included in the price we quote you once we have your full business delivery address and any extra shipping considerations such as: DAT, DAP, DDP, CIP, FOB etc. For exports outside the E. U. V.A.T will be deducted from your bill.

3. Do we cut/shape to the size required?

Yes, of course, no problem. Please be sure to inform us your exact requirements when you order, and be prepared for a slightly longer wait for delivery.

4. What are payment terms?

This is always the hardest part of a business transaction. For us at Integ Metals, we prefer to have the full balance wired to us via bank transfer before we ship your order. Unfortunately there have been far too many instances of us shipping goods to countries thousands of miles away and giving days of staff hours to ensuring it's successful delivery, only for payment to be reluctant, and in some cases, non-existent. Traveling half way around the world in pursuit of payment is something we hope to never have to repeat and, as such, will take all measures to avoid.

5. Do we supply Mill Certificates?

Yes, we do. Please ensure that you request these at the time of ordering as we aren't able to order them after we have shipped deliveries.

6. What are our minimum order quantities?

We don't necessarily have them, but we specialize in large scale orders, so smaller single item orders may not be as competitive as other suppliers, but please don't hesitate to ask us all the same. We will always do the best that we can for you.

7. How are our prices so reasonable?

As much as it's not an insulting question, it is one that we may be a little reluctant to answer. It purely boils down to us having such a large number of contacts within the industry, forged during many years of painless business transactions, and the size of the quantities we are able to order from them. This helps to reduce our bottom line and therefore reduces the prices we can sell them for. There are other companies which would keep such savings for themselves, but out of respect to our customers, we pass these savings on


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